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Bibliography of E. Garin

One of the most important contempory historians of philosophy, Eugenio Garin made also significant contributions to the scholarly literature in the history of science. Moreover, by his authotity and active promotion, he contributed to the founding of that discipline in Italian universities.

The bibliography collects the writings published by Garin from 1929 to 1999. It therefore contains, updated and reorganised, the information recorded in the four printed editions which, with the initiative of a group of Florentine students, were published by Laterza on the occasion, respectively, of Garin's 60th (1969), 70th (1979), 80th (1989), and 90th (1999) birthdays.

The on-line edition has been available since April 1999 and offers the scholar the possibility to search by keyword, author, title, publisher, or date just like other modern consultation systems.

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