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Technical services

Computer resources and network

Gabriele Pratesi
E-mail: g.pratesi (at) museogalileo.it

The hardware and informatics’ network service ensures the management of the servers and the clients’ systems that relate to them as to the acquisition aspects, their maintenance, updating and security, as well as the administration of communication networks subsystems that give the public an access to the different services.


Technical office

Teresa Saviori
E-mail: t.saviori (at) museogalileo.it

The Operative unit oversees:

- the programming and the control of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance interventions within the Palazzo Castellini, central office of the museum, or within the secondary offices.

- the management of the technological installations except the informatics networks.

- the communication with different Organisations and Institutions regarding the adjustment to the fire protection conventions and the management of emergencies.