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Florence, Kunsthistorisches Institut, 4 March 2022
Organized by Rebecca Bowen (KHI), Emanuele Lugli (Stanford University), Gerhard Wolf (KHI)

Coinciding with the exhibition From Hell to the Empyrean: Dante’s World between Science and Poetry, conceived by Museo Galileo and produced in collaboration with Gallerie degli Uffizi, this symposium seeks to explore Dante’s profound meditation on the nature of space and time, as well as the notion of measuring the world in, through and with Dante.

Bringing together historians, literary scholars, and scientists, this explorative and experimental workshop invites reflection on Dante’s meditation on the poetic potential of physics, the necessity of grounding artistic speculation in scientific awareness, and the ways in which measuring (both mathematical and metrical) is itself a form of world building. The conference, then, attempts to overcome the divide between the arts, philosophy, and the sciences to rediscover them, in Dante’s wake, as platforms for inquiries that, when intertwined, open up perspectives, overcoming individual understandings and epochal preconceptions to consider the world afresh, in light of the multiverses contained and constructed by Dante’s texts. The symposium is the first in a series concentrated on Dante and will be followed by others exploring the productive tensions and exchanges between science and the arts, whose reciprocal listening is integral to the sustaining of life that takes measure, expansively, of the worlds "surrounding” it.

The workshop will be held in Italian / English as indicated by the titles of the contributions.

Programme of the workshop

 4 March 2022

Online attendance via Zoom at the following page