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Due scrittori e la scienzaAs part of the exhibition "From Hell to the Empyrean. Dante's world between science and poetry" (Florence, Palazzo Pitti, 14 December 2021 - 29 May 2022), Museo Galileo is organizing, in collaboration with Gabinetto scientifico letterario G.P. Vieusseux, a second series of conferences on the connection between literature and science.

Thursday 28 April, at 5.00 pm
Gian Italo Bischi (Università di Urbino)

Leonardo Sinisgalli, il poeta-ingegnere molto più che poeta e ingegnere
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Thursday 12 May, at 5.00 pm
Enzo Rammairone (editor of the latest edition of Atlante occidentale)

Daniele Del Giudice e le zone del narrare
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The two face-to-face conferences will be held in the Sala Ferri of Gabinetto Vieusseux and in streaming on the YouTube channels of Museo Galileo and of Gabinetto Vieusseux.

The conferences will be held in Italian and will be introduced by Filippo Camerota, Scientific Director of Museo Galileo and curator of the exhibition "From Hell to the Empyrean", and by Gloria Manghetti, Director of Gabinetto Vieusseux.