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Festival delle Scienze RomaWednesday, Nov. 23, at 6 p.m., the Planetario di Roma (Piazza Agnelli 10, Rome EUR) will host "Fra Mauro’s World Map" with Filippo Camerota (Museo Galileo) and Angelo Cattaneo (CNR), the first of three talks entitled " Storie dell’Ecumene: mappe, stelle, migrazioni". The other two talks - " Migranti climatici" and " La mappa del cielo" - will be held on Nov. 25 and 27, respectively.

Fra Mauro's World Map, a planisphere dated around 1450 that can be explored online at Museo Galileo website, takes us to the places on our planet then known. Who were the time travelers and what needs drove them to explore new lands? The theme leads us to reflect on the phenomenon of migration: peoples traveling to escape hunger and wars. For explorers and travelers, the sky, with its starry vault, has always been a place of reference where they entrusted their hopes of safe landing.


On Sunday, Nov. 27, at 3 p.m., the Auditorium Parco della Musica, Sala Ospiti (Viale Pietro de Coubertin 10) will host “Esplorare un museo: la collaborazione tra Museo Galileo e MANN per la realizzazione della Sala della Tecnologia Antica”, a talk by Giovanni Di Pasquale (Museo Galileo) and Paolo Giulierini (National Archaeological Museum of Naples).

In the collective imaginary, antiquity is a time of extraordinary artistic, literary and philosophical flourishing. On the other hand, the unproven marginality of scientific knowledge, the inability to relate science and technology and the availability of slaves formed the pillars of the resistant thesis of "technological stagnation" in the ancient world. The Hall of Ancient Technology, which will be open to the public in May 2023, makes it possible to question this hypothesis.


Both events will be held in Italian.

 The conference on November 23 will be held at Planetario di Roma (piazza Agnelli 10, Roma EUR), practical information & tickets; the conference on November 27 will take place in the Sala Ospiti of the Auditorium Parco della Musica (viale Pietro de Coubertin 10), practical information & tickets (Italian only).