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Leonardotheka engLeonardo//Thek@-Codex Atlanticus is an innovative digital repository that provides access to images and transcriptions of the nearly 1200 pages of the Codex Atlanticus, and to the results of over two centuries of scholarly work on this resource. Thanks to the multiplicity of research tools, the repository constitutes an indispensable means for exploring the vast and chaotic ocean of data stored within the Codex.

Leonardo//Thek@-Codex Atlanticus is the first step in an ambitious project, i.e. the reconstruction of the state of Leonardo’s manuscripts before the disastrous intervention by Pompeo Leoni, the Aretine sculptor who dismembered and mutilated many of Da Vinci’s notebooks and loose sheets in the late 16th century, and distributed them between two large albums, one of which, the Codex Atlanticus, is today kept in the Ambrosiana Library, Milan, and the other in the Royal Library, Windsor.

Currently nearing completion, the second step of the project, Leonardo//Thek@-Royal Collection, will complement the Codex Atlanticus platform, making it possible to investigate the two gigantic digital archives either separately or as an integrated resource.

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