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Martedì Museo Galileo 2023Tuesdays at Museo Galileo
Women Protagonists in Science

13 – 27 June 2023

The new cycle of the series "Tuesdays at Museo Galileo" — lectures focused on various topics in the history of science and technology, addressed to the general public — will start in June.

This cycle is dedicated to the "Women Protagonists in Science". Internationally renowned researchers and directors of some of the major Italian and European research centres in the fields of astrophysics, micro-bio robotics and space economy will discuss topics of great interest.
The most recent research conducted at the astrophysical observatories in Florence and Naples will be presented, as well as the major economic challenges to be faced on the path towards becoming “inhabitants” of the sky. Particular attention will be paid to the fruitful dialogue between technology and nature that is making it possible to acquire new information about natural organisms and our planet.

Meetings will be held on site (reservations required: 055 265311, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and online on Museo Galileo's YouTube channel.

Throughout the month of June, the sculpture with video projection titled "Nello studio" by Stella Battaglia will be on display. The photographic image progressively covers a sculpture depicting a woman surrounded by books, shaped to allow the projection to adhere to it "like a skin" thanks to the same geometric principle that antique astronomers used to observe the celestial vault.

The event was realized with the contribution of the Metropolitan City of Florence.