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Premio Nuncius 2022We are pleased to announce the winner of the 2022 Essay Prize!

  • Amandine Victoria Didouan with: “To draw a body, human or beast, one must study anatomy”. The Overlooked Influence of a Sixteenth-Century Equine Anatomy Illustration on Early Modern Artists.

The three honorable mentions are:

  • Rahul Bhaumik, Picturing the Snakes: Western Natural History, Visual Culture, and Local Agency in Late-Eighteenth-Century British India
  • Hannah Kaemmer, Description or Design: Debating Visual Truth at Stonehenge in the Seventeenth Century
  • Chia-Yun Wu, The Search for the Tang Royal Domain (Wangji 王畿): How Yixing (683–727) Used the Zhou-Era “Nine Domains” (Jiufu 九服) to Map the Tang Dynasty’s New Terrestrial Realm

All essays will be published openly in the next issue of Nuncius: 38.2.