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Pompeii: The Immortal City
Brussels, Palais de la Bourse (24.11.2017 - 15.04.2018)

A remake of the Homo Faber exhibition, the new show reveals the extraordinary level of naturalistic, scientific and technical knowledge achieved in Pompeii and the Roman world on the eve of the 79 AD eruption.

Archimedes: The Art and Science of Invention
Trento, MUSE–Museo delle Scienze (16.07.2017 - 08.01.2018)

An exhibition on the figure of Archimedes with models of the machines he invented and archaeological findings from the ancient Syracuse, where the scientist lived in third century BC.

Cycling through the Past: Stories of Men and Trades
Stia (AR), Museo dell’Arte della Lana (15.03.2014 – 30.06.2018)

An exhibition divided into two sections: antique bicycles from the Museo Galileo collections and the so-called “biciclette dei mestieri” from Marco Paoletti’s collection.