Conception and Project Coordination
Marco Beretta and Iolanda Rolfo

Sara Bonechi

Leonardo Curioni, Elena Fani, and Roberta Massaini

Digital Library
Stefano Casati with the collaboration of Fabrizio Butini, Francesca Fares, Silvia Paoli, and Adele Pocci

Giovanni Volante and Sara Bonechi

Archival Material Cataloguing
Aldo Cecconi

Medallion Cataloguing
Angela Saviori

Laura Barattucci, Director of the Engineering Department Library at La Sapienza University (Rome), for making available the proceedings of the conference held in Palermo in 1875, which were digitalized by Maria Conforti.
The Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale of Florence, in particular Lucia Chimirri (Print Department).
The Library of the Museo Galileo.
The Enciclopedia Italiana Treccani for granting us permission to link the virtual exhibition website to their website.
Maurizio Torrini for making available various works from his private collection.