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Iconographic archive

The iconographic archive constists of a wide collection of photographs, prints, drawings and medals. The photo collection is mainly dedicated to the scientific instruments, devices and other historical-scientific materials of the Museo Galileo. Moreover, the archive has a rich section of historical photos.

The print and drawing collections cover different historical scientific subjects. Noteworthy are the portrait collection and the ca. 90 prints and drawings (dating back to the period between the end of the 18th and 19th centuries) which represent scientific instruments and machines.

The iconographic archive includes a wide collection of medals (mostly portrait medals) which the Museum acquired in 1942 from Giovanni Aperlo and increased in the following years.

The prints, drawings and medals have been catalogued. The cataloguing of the photographs is still ongoing.

Many materials are available in digital version. The materials, which are not accessible through the online catalogue, are available in an internal database.

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