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Italian bibliography of the history of science

The Italian bibliography of the history of science collects the history of science writings published in Italy since 1982: monographs, journal articles, essayes in miscellaneous works and book reviews. Articles published in monthly or less-frequent periodicals and publications with a popular or educational aim are excluded.

The database contains about 67,000 bibliographical records. About 970 periodicals are consulted, and thanks to the collaboration instituted with the National central library of Florence (BNCF) and with the Library of the Training college of advanced studies of Pisa (BSNS), the cataloguing is carried out through direct examination of the documents.

The Italian bibliography is part of the History of science, technology and medicine (HSTM) database.

Due to the opportunities offered by the web and new technologies, the Italian Bibliography of the History of Science has been interrupted with the year 2011

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