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The History and Philosophy of Science, Technology and Medicine

A Selection of Web and other Sources edited by Thomas B. Settle

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The sites selected for this list conform loosely to criteria determined by the nature of the Museo Galileo and the students and scholars who have either visited it in Florence or have had reason to come to its Homepage. There is no attempt to provide a full listing of internet resources for the history of science or its many sister disciplines; it is hoped that the sources indicated will give access to that wider world. The Istituto is one of the main centers for those disciplines in Italy and Europe, and it provides several on-line services, including this one. The Museo has an important, specialized collection of scientific instruments and artifacts. Emphasized here, then, are Italian and European sites with related activities or interests. Emphasized also are sites which are the result of concerted efforts on the part of their designers to explore the use of the internet for serious research and teaching, wherever they may be in the world.