Archive of the Istitute and Museum of the history of science


The Institute of the history of science, founded in 1925 within the Florence University, became an independent body in 1927. At the end of the 1st National exhibition of the history of science (Florence 1929), it received as a deposit the rich collection of scientific instruments collected, over the course of centuries, by the Medici and Lorraine families. In 1930 the Museum was then inaugurated in the prestigious seat of Palazzo Castellani. In 2010 the Institute and Museum of the History of Science changed its name in Museo Galileo.

The historical archive contains the institutional documents from the foundation till 1981 and provides a precious testimony of its manifold activities: from curatorships and exhibition of the museum collection to the promotion of historical-scientific research, from the documentation activity to the relations with Italian and foreign cultural institutions, from book and review publishing to the organisation of meetings and exhibitions.

To the present day all the documents created during the direction of Andrea Corsini (IMSS first director, till 1961) have been arranged and described.
The materials related to the direction of Maria Luisa Righini Bonelli (1962-1981) are still being catalogued.


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