Congresses of Italian scientists archive

The Congresses of Italian scientists were held every year from 1839 to 1847, when the ninth Congress held in Venice was interrupted by the Austrian police. The congresses did not resume until after the Unification of Italy, with an extraordinary meeting held in Florence in 1861, a meeting in Siena in 1862, and one in Rome in 1873.

The documentation covers all of the congresses (including the one scheduled to be held at Siena in 1848 but postponed) except the last one held in Rome. It offers the chance to study an intriguing intermingling of cultural history, Italian political history and local history, considering on the one hand the close ties between these assemblies and the Risorgimento and on the other, the key role played by the Grand Duchy in organizing the congresses held in Tuscany. The documents on the congress held in Venice are especially rare, since the proceeds of this meeting were never published.

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