1st National exhibition of the history of science archive

The collection includes the archival material related to the 1st National exhibition of the history of science, held in Florence in 1929. Promoted since 1927 and organized in the following two years by the newly founded Institute of the history of science (currently known as Museo Galileo), the Exhibition displayed a significant part of the Italian historical-scientific heritage, highlighting its importance and its diffusion throughout the nation.

The archive material (28 folders and 7 files) only represents a very small part of what the Organizing committee produced. While the documents related to the organization are lacking, other resources are more consistent, such as the press review, the preparatory materials for the Great catalogue, never published, and for the 1952 catalogue (see: 1. Esposizione nazionale di storia delle scienze : catalogo con aggiornamenti. Florence, 1952). A set of more than 300 photographs by Alinari documents the layout of the halls and the most important objects displayed.

The material also includes some hundred documents in digital form kept in the City of Florence’s Historic archive (ASCF). Particularly significant is the documentation on the Great catalogue of the history of science. In addition, there are various accounting papers and some documents dealing with the Institute of the history of science (now the Museo Galileo), founded in those years at the initiative of the same persons who promoted the Exhibition, and closely linked to it.

All of these materials have been catalogued.


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