Corsini collection

Andrea Corsini was the first director of the Institute of the history of science (now called Museo Galileo) between the years of 1927 to 1961. He played a key role in promoting this branch of history in Italy as well as safeguarding the national scientific heritage.

Museo Galileo’s library is home to the correspondence collection of director Corsini. This collection contains approximately 2,500 letters and cards received by Corsini from the end of the 1800s until 1957. There are numerous letters written by historians of science (Arnold C. Klebs, Charles Singer, George Sarton, etc), from some of his medical colleagues (David Giordano, Arturo Castiglioni, Pietro Grocco, Achille Scalvo, etc), as well as from leading figures of Italian culture (Guiglielmo Marconi, Mario Salmi, Giovanni Gentile, etc). The collection also includes Corsini’s private documents such as certificates and diplomas, printed clippings related to the history of science and his important documentation about his work as director of the Ufficio d’Igiene (Health Authorites) for the Municipality of Florence.

This collection has been fully catalogued.


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