Galilean bibliography
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The Galilean bibliography contains texts of Galilean interest published from the late 16th century to the present: monographs, articles, selections from miscellaneous works, and critical reviews.

To the materials relevant to the period 1568-1964, taken from the most important Galilean bibliographies (Carli-Favaro, 1896; Boffito, 1943; Gentili, 1966; McMullin, 1967), supplemented when necessary, have been added data from subsequent years and from the current bibliography, for a total of approximately 26,000 bibliographical entries at present.

The bibliographical entries are complete with keywords by subject, and, for each one, information about the library where the document can be found. The gaps still present in the descriptive and semantic cataloguing are being gradually filled as the documents in course of acquisition become available.

Many documents are available in digital format: the most of them are freely accessible in internet, some others have internal access only.


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