Start: 01/02/2009


The Europeana project is the successor network to the EDLnet Thematic Network and will include the development and implementation of the European Digital Library and turn the prototype of November 2008 into an operational service.

The Europeana network brings together the organisations that have great content with the people and sectors that want to research, share and create new things, and concentrates on the issues of maintaining the alliance of stakeholders, disseminating services to users, creating services and developing a sustainable funding model.

Among other results, the thematic network aims to deliver continued and proactive involvement of partners, participation of new partners, development of license and partnership agreements, management of partner content and access, creation of the service (functional implementation), service agreements, implementation of data and models, and fund raising.

The Institute and Museum of the History of Science has provided content for the development of the Europeana network, contributing with over 9000 records taken from the Virtual Museum and from the application Scientific Itineraries in Tuscany.

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