Duration: 01/09/2015 – 31/08/2017
Funding: EdMuse is sponsored under the European Commission’s Erasmus+ Program


The project proposal is connected to the promotion of initiatives, starting in primary school, for using ICT, the open educational resources and digital resources of cultural heritage for the improvement science learning.

The Project aim is to promote a new ways of learning and teaching through innovative method, using technologies and open digital resources that can be non-formal content for design curriculo. It also proposed a new way for schools and museums cooperation

Teachers of primary and secondary school partners were involved in the project through the learning experience with students of their classes. The number of participants directly involved was higher than the number indicated in the proposal (up tp 700 students and 24 teachers).

Oriented educational, research-technology and museum Partner analyzed the practices adopted by different countries connected to Science teaching, European Commission document and recommendations in educational field. They also discussed on some experiences of "best practices" to identify access modality, use and reuse of cultural heritage and the arrangements for making learner-centered teaching unit.

These Project goals were achieved: to share and exchange best practices and applications among school models of different countries; to enable the teachers training for designing learning activities cross-disciplinaries for improving a collaborative work to include scientific issues in different areas of the school curricolum; to create innovative relationships between teachers and museum staff; to provide the accessibility to resources as tools to enable teachers to create teaching units to be shared as OER ( Open Educational Resources), supplying formal and no formal educational content to student adopting a language close to that they use on every day.