Talks on aesthetic expression of scientific thinking –painting, cinema, theatre, and literature– and on the apprehension of beauty in the arts and in the animal world (Italian only). Podcasts available at

Biblioteca delle Oblate (via dell'Oriuolo 26), 6:00pm
Free admission

20 February
Art and Science at the Medici Court
Filippo Camerota, Museo Galileo
Franco Bagnoli (chairman), Università di Firenze

25 February
Science+Fiction: Science in Stanislaw Lem's Novels and in Silent Movies
Lapo Casetti, Università di Firenze e INAF
Enzo Ferrara, IRIS–Istituto di Ricerche Interdisciplinari sulla Sostenibilità, Turin
Paolo Tozzi, INAF–Osservatorio Astrofisico di Arcetri
Franco Bagnoli (chairman), Università di Firenze

6 March
Beauty and the Animals: Aesthetic Apprehension in Different Species
Laura Beani, Università di Firenze
Giorgio Vallortigara, Università di Trento
Franco Bagnoli (chairman), Università di Firenze

11 March
Neuroaesthetics: How Brain Perceives Art
Cinzia Di Dio, Università di Parma
Andrea Pinotti, Università di Milano
Marco Ferrari (chairman), Focus

20 March
The Show of Science: Science and the Theatre
Introduction by Cinzia Belmonte, FormaScienza, Rome
Performances di Zauberteatro e di Riccardo Pratesi, Museo Galileo

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The above lectures are part of the "Happy Birthday, Galileo" events programme (15 February – 20 March 2014).