Difesa di Galileo Galilei contro alle calunnie & imposture di Baldessar Capra (1607)

Seeking financial gain and instant fame, several people tried to pass off Galileo’s invention as their own. The most sensational case was that of Baldassarre Capra, who published a Latin translation of the Operazioni del compasso geometrico e militare, signing it as if he were the author. Already at the appearance of the New Star in 1604, Capra had slandered Galileo in print, but without provoking a reply. This time, however, Galileo felt obliged to denounce Capra, who was then condemned by the University of Padua Reformers to have every copy of his book confiscated and destroyed. A few copies did escape destruction however, and Galileo went on to publish the Difesa contro alle calunnie et imposture di Baldesar Capra [Defence against the calumny and false claims of Baldassare Capra] revealing his plagiarizer’s ignorance and refuting all of his insinuations, both old and new.

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