Temporary exhibitions

Water as Microscope of Nature. Leonardo da Vinci’s Codex Leicester
Piero della Francesca: The Fascination of Perspective
Leonardo da Vinci. Anatomies: Machines, Human Body, Nature
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The exhibition pivots on Salvador Dalì’s aesthetic reflection on the Platonic solids associated with the four elements. Also on display are gold pieces coined by the Spanish artist to recall Sun King’s “Louis d’Or.”

The City of the Uffizi


An exhibition highlighting the extraordinary variety and abundance of the collections of Florence museums.

Astrology, Magic and Alchemy in Florentine and European Renaissance


A survey of 16th-century occult sciences which highlights the main role of Florence and the Medicean Court in Tuscany and throughout Europe.

The Renaissance of Science


Sixteenth-century scientific culture in Tuscany and its relationship with contemporary Italian and European perspective: Medici’s scientific patronage, the flourishing of naturalistic studies, the rediscovery of Greek classics.