Leonardo da Vinci e il moto perpetuo

Taking its cue from Galileo’s academic lectures on the measurement and site of Dante’s Inferno – where the scientist defined the poet “chorographer and architect” – the exhibition will frame Dante’s scientific skills in the culture of his time, tracing the profile of the poet as a physicist, abbacist, ‘geologist’ and cosmographer. The sections of the exhibition ideally replicate the tripartite division of the Divine Comedy. The exhibition features original works, that include manuscripts, incunabula, engravings, world maps and scientific instruments, together with large three-dimensional models, interactive video installations and high-definition facsimiles.

An illustrated catalogue is available in both Italian and English editions and a website will make it possible to virtually tour the exhibition and go into the many topics dealt with thoroughly.

The exhibition is sponsored by the Italian Comitato Nazionale per la celebrazione dei 700 anni dalla morte di Dante Alighieri.

Exhibition Dates

14.12.2021 – 29.05.2022 Florence, Palazzo Pitti