Galileo: Images of the Universe from Antiquity to the Telescope

The exhibition takes visitors through a fascinating journey of both space and time, allowing them to trace the history of astronomical sciences via images of the universe. The exhibition begins with the ancient Mesopotamian and Egyptian cultures with their amazing knowledge of the stars, and continues through the contributions of the Greco-Roman, Arabian, Medieval and Renaissance cultures. The final turning point is reached with the astronomical revolution triggered by Copernicus, consolidated by Galileo thanks to his telescope and carried to its fulfilment by other extraordinary figures such as Kepler, Descartes and Newton.
Conceived by Paolo Galluzzi, the exhibition reveals another aspect of cosmology, underlining its relationship with other disciplines throughout history as well as the answers it provided to the expectations, dreads and practical needs of mankind.


Exhibition Dates

13.03.2009 – 30.08.2009 Florence, Palazzo Strozzi


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