The Mind of Leonardo: The Universal Genius at Work

Although Leonardo is commonly known as a “universal genius”, the exhibitions dedicated to him have almost always focused on some specific area of his activity: painting, anatomy, technology, studies on water, on flight, and so on. The Mind of Leonardo offers visitors a different point of view, encouraging the exploration of the Genius’ way of thinking. The exhibition has been designed to present his unitary conception of knowledge as the effort to assimilate, through bold theoretical syntheses and inventive experiments, the laws that govern all of the wondrous operations of man and nature. The Mind of Leonardo shows a mind tenaciously endeavoring to decipher the rational processes that animate the phenomena of the physical world as well as the “motions of thought,” driven by the desire to achieve a perfect imitation of nature in the world of art.

Exhibition Dates

28.03.2006 - 07.01.2007 Florence, Galleria degli Uffizi
  (La mente di Leonardo. Nel laboratorio del Genio Universale)
19.03.2007 - 17.06.2007 Tokyo, National Museum
  (The Mind of Leonardo. The Universal Genius at Work)
16.08.2007 - 02.12.2007 Debrecen (Hungary), MODEM
  (Az igazi Da Vinci)
27.09.2008 - 25.01.2009 San José (California), The Tech Museum of Innovation
  (Leonardo: 500 Years into the Future)
01.05.2009 - 30.08.2009 Rome, Palazzo Venezia
  (La mente di Leonardo. Nel laboratorio del Genio Universale)
15.04.2014 - 03.11.2014 Pécs (Hungary), Gallery of Modern Hungarian Art and Martyn Ferenc Museum
  (Leonardo, a reneszánsz zseni)


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