Leonardo's Automobile

The exhibition illustrates through interactive digital reconstructions and spectacular working models the results of the research that revealed the real meaning of one of Leonardo da Vinci’s boldest ideas – the so-called “automobile,” or self-moving cart. The “automobile” has aroused lively interest among many scholars since the beginning of the last century. The studies accomplished to create the dynamic digital model and the working models have allowed in-depth research into the nature of Da Vinci’s project thoroughly as well as elucidation of some elements that remained until now unexplained. This gave rise to an entirely new image of the “automobile” – a sophisticated programmable device intended to produce special effects during court feasts. The website makes available the entire documentation relevant to Leonardo’s “automobile” and its history.


Exhibition Dates

24.04.2004 – 12.06.2004 Florence, Museo di Storia della Scienza
26.06.2004 – 31.08.2004 Vinci, Museo Leonardiano
10.01.2005 – 28.02.2005 Rome, Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei
09.07.2005 – 19.08.2005 Berlin, Meilenwerk
10.09.2005 – 10.10.2005 Capranica (Viterbo), Tempio Romanico di San Francesco
20.05.2006 – 20.09.2006 Beijing, Natural History Museum
18.11.2006 – 17.01.2007 Wuhan, International Exhibition and Convention Center
18.09.2008 – 23.11.2008 Turin, Padiglione Nervi
20.10.2010 – 15.01.2011 Tunis, La Cité des Sciences
15.04.2014 – 03.11.2014 Pécs, Martyn Ferenc Múzeum