Time Matter Space: Measuring Instruments from Antiquity to the Present Day

Antiquity has often been regarded as a time of great flourishing of arts and letters, though not so much concerned with scientific and technological knowledge. On the contrary, measuring instruments were more and more perfected and spread throughout the ancient world. They stimulated research and discussion which deeply influenced society, politics and culture of ancient civilizations, representing a crucial step in the theories about the mathematical nature of the universe formulated by philosophers and scientists in the years to come. This exhibition features Egyptian, Greek, Etruscan and Roman instruments which are evidence of the long journey of mankind towards precise measurements of dimensions and time. Findings from the Museo Archeologico Nazionale’s depository are displayed for the first time ever together with scientific instruments from the collections housed at the Museo di Storia della Scienza.


Exhibition Dates

13.06.2003 – 09.11.2003 Florence, Museo Archeologico Nazionale