Try and Try Again: The Cimento in the Museum of the History of Science

The glass instruments of the Accademia del Cimento are an important part of the Museo di Storia della Scienza’s collections. A newly designed exhibition highlights the relationship of these splendid artefacts with scientific experiences related in the reports of the Cimento Academicians. These glassware items are evidence of the strenuous research work that an exceptional group of scientists carried out at the Medicean Court after Galileo’s death (1642). They also bear witness to the great ingenuity of the makers serving Grand Duke Ferdinando II de’ Medici. This show is a significant supplement of the major exhibition on the Accademia del Cimento hosted in the Uffizi Gallery under the title Court Scientists.


Exhibition Dates

26.03.2001 – 15.07.2001 Florence, Museo di Storia della Scienza