The Senses of the World: Experiences of the Senses of Men and Other Animals

This interactive exhibition proposes a striking voyage to discover the senses of dumb creatures and to compare them with our sensory universe. Hands-on exhibits simulate various animal sensory systems and allow visitors of all ages to experience the sensory perception of many species. You can see a landscape through the eyes of cats or crocodiles, feel like a snake who singles out its prey in the dark by the heat it generates, or perceive the presence of other animals by picking up the low electrical emissions of their muscles, as fish do. The exhibition is supplemented with educational workshops for students and play activities for pre-school children. Some of the experiences and interactive games are available on the website as well.


Exhibition Dates

07.03.1998 – 07.06.1998 Florence, Crypt of the Basilica di Santa Croce