Alter Ego: Drugs and the Brain

Why did drug abuse grow to epidemic proportions in the last one hundred years, deeply affecting society and economy all over the world? What are drugs? How do drugs act upon the central nervous system? Alter Ego aims to give scientifically correct answers to these and other crucial questions on drug addiction. The exhibition consists of three parts. “Botany and History of Drugs” runs through the historical relationship between human beings and psychotropic substances; “The Brain: Anatomy and Functions” illustrates brain structure and functions in the normal state; “Drugs and the Brain” looks at how drugs affect and injure the human brain. A striking multimedia show introduces the exhibition topics through films and amazing pictures derived from the most advanced brain imaging techniques.


Exhibition Dates

27.03.1995 – 29.04.1995 Florence, Educandato Statale dell’Annunziata al Poggio Imperiale