Before Leonardo: Culture of Machines in Renaissance Siena

The exhibition presents the extraordinary achievements of Sienese artist/engineers – with special attention to Mariano di Jacopo, known as Taccola and Francesco di Giorgio – who gave rise to a trend of technological research of great originality in the 15th century. Before Leonardo emphasizes the Sienese tradition of machines rather than individual protagonists. It combines a strict historical reconstruction with state-of-the-art techniques of research. Working models of the machines designed by Sienese engineers, multimedia and a unique display of original documentation take visitors on a striking journey through the marvellous world of Sienese machines – a significant part of the “renaissance of techniques” which is no less important than the revival of arts and letters.

Exhibition Dates

09.06.1991 - 30.09.1991 Siena, Magazzini del Sale
20.06.1992 - 27.09.1992 Avignon, Grande Chapelle du Palais des Papes
  (Avant Léonard. La science des machines a Sienne à la Renaissance)