The Age of Galileo: The Golden Century of Tuscan Science

The Age of Galileo was a time of extraordinary scientific progress in Florence and Tuscany. The celestial discoveries made by Galileo using the telescope and Evangelista Torricelli’s invention of the barometer are only two of the outstanding scientific occurrences of this period, which is marked by the experimentation activities of the Accademia del Cimento as well. The exhibition illustrates these crucial events featuring the chief protagonists and the instruments they designed or used – over 700 devices, including the precious Galileo’s instruments. The original manuscript records of the Tuscan scientist’s first astronomical observations are also on display.
A series of conferences on Galilean astronomy were held at the Institute’s Planetarium.


Exhibition Dates

01.07.1987 – 09.01.1988 Florence, Museo di Storia della Scienza