Leopoldo Nobili’s Scientific Heritage: Theoretical Debate and the Role of Instruments in Early 19th-Century Physics

Both this exhibition and the conference under the title “Leopoldo Nobili’s scientific and cultural work (1784-1835)” celebrate the bicentenary of the scientist’s birth. The exhibition illustrates his contribution to the development of scientific instruments, while the conference deals with his work within the framework of European culture in the first half of the 19th century. Nobili’s experimental research led to the making of measuring instruments which were of paramount importance in 19th-century physics and electromagnetism.
The exhibition features the scientific apparatus which Nobili designed and made, as well as documentation illustrating his work – original manuscripts, correspondence with leading contemporary scientists, books, and portraits.


Exhibition Dates

25.10.1984 – 18.11.1984 Reggio Emilia, Teatro Municipale