Astrology, Magic and Alchemy in Florentine and European Renaissance

This is one of the nine shows housed in as many venues in Florence that make up the major exhibition under the title Firenze e la Toscana dei Medici nell’Europa del Cinquecento (Medici Florence and Tuscany in Sixteenth-Century Europe).
Astrology, Magic and Alchemy offers a survey of 16th-century occult sciences, whilst highlighting the main role Florence and the Medicean Court played in Tuscany and throughout Europe. Occultism was acknowledged as a science until the Renaissance, when it started losing scientific reputation and came to be regarded only as a popular belief. The exhibition explores the complex relations between occult arts and philosophy, sciences, fine arts, literature, music, politics, and religion, not forgetting popular culture. The precious works on display come from prestigious Italian and foreign institutions and include paintings, tapestries, drawings, engravings, manuscripts, books, and jewelry.


Exhibition Dates

15.03.1980 – 28.09.1980 Florence, Museo di Storia della Scienza