The Renaissance of Science

This is one of the nine shows housed in as many venues in Florence that make up the major exhibition under the title Firenze e la Toscana dei Medici nell’Europa del Cinquecento (Medici Florence and Tuscany in Sixteenth-Century Europe).
The Renaissance of Science encourages discussion about 16th-century scientific culture in Tuscany and its relationship with contemporary Italian and European perspective. Scholars often negleted 16th-century science in favour of Quattrocento humanism and 17th-century developments associated with Galileo and the Accademia del Cimento. Critical exhibition topics are Medici’s scientific patronage, the flourishing of naturalistic studies, and the rediscovery of important Greek classics. The number of works on display, including books, manuscripts, engravings, and scientific instruments, make it possible to outline the progress of science between the late 15th and the early 17th centuries and to point out the chief protagonists.


Exhibition Dates

15.03.1980 – 28.09.1980 Florence, Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana