Medici's Collecting

1562 - The Medici Wardrobe

The Medicean collection of scientific instruments was begun by Cosimo I (1519-1574), who housed it in the Wardrobe of Palazzo Vecchio, known today as the "sala delle carte geografiche" (Map Room). The room was decorated between 1563 and 1581 by Egnazio Danti and Stefano Buonsignori, who painted on the 57 doors of the wardrobes the geography of the known world. Against the end wall was the planetary clock by Lorenzo della Volpaia. According to the original project, two large globes, one terrestrial, the other celestial, were to hang from the ceiling.

1600 - Mathematics Room

In 1600 Ferdinando I (1549-1609) transferred the collection to a small room in the Uffizi Gallery which became known as the "stanzino delle matematiche". Giulio Parigi depicted on the ceiling the instruments in the collection. Here and on the adjoining terrace (which once housed the great armillary sphere built by Antonio Santucci in 1593) the instruments bequeathed by Robert Dudley and those purchased in Germany by Mattias de' Medici were displayed.

1657 - The Accademia del Cimento

With the foundation of the Accademia del Cimento (1657), inaugurated by Ferdinand II (1610-1670) and Leopold de' Medici (1617-1675) for the purpose of conducting the experimental investigation of nature, the collection was enriched with new instruments designed mainly for thermometric, barometric and pneumatic research. The Accademia was located in the Pitti Palace where all the instruments in the Medici collection were subsequently moved.

View of the Hall of Geographical Maps,  or Guardaroba, with the globe in the center built by Egnazio Danti, Palazzo Vecchio, Florence
Egnazio Danti, Map of the Moluccan Islands, Palazzo Vecchio, Florence
3D reconstruction of the Stanzino delle Matematiche by the Multimedia Laboratory of the Museo Galileo
Detail of the ceiling of the Stanzino delle Matematiche by Giulio Parigi, Uffizi Gallery, Florence
Coat of arms of the Accademia del Cimento, in Lorenzo Magalotti, I Saggi di naturali esperienze fatte nell'Accademia del Cimento
Showcase of the exhibition hall dedicated to "The Accademia del Cimento: art and science of experimentation", Museo Galileo, Florence
Showcase of the exhibition hall dedicated to the Accademia del Cimento, Florence, Museo Galileo, Florence
Spiral thermometers of the Accademia del Cimento held in the Museo Galileo in Florence
Gasparo Martellini, A meeting of the Accademia del Cimento, Galileo Tribune, Florence
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