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The museum for the school - The school for the museum

International Museum Day

May 18, 2016, at 4:00 pm

Museo Galileo, Piazza dei Giudici 1


The Liceo Classico “Benedetto Varchi” in Montevarchi presents a project on the history of chemistry, which was developed in collaboration with Museo Galileo. The students analyzed the Tabula affinitatum, presently on display in the permanent collection of Museo Galileo. It is a table of the chemical affinities between different substances. Commissioned around 1766 by Franz Huber Hoefer for the apothecary’s shop of the Grand duke of Florence, it was designed to guide the preparer of pharmaceutical remedies in identifying the compounds most likely to combine with one another. The students have conceived and carried out some experiments in chemistry, and created a film to document such experiments.

On the occasion of the International Museum Day, the movie will be presented and some experiments will be publicly performed.

Free entrance. Admission subject to availability.