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Launch of CUTVAP digital photographic archive

Friday, 29 September 2017 at 11:00 am
Siena, Museo di Strumentaria Medica

On the occasion of the opening ceremony of the University Museum of Medical Instruments, the digital photographic archive of the scientific instrument collections of the University of Siena will be launched. This archive is the outcome of a collaborative work between the CUTVAP-Centro per la tutela e la valorizzazione dell’antico patrimonio scientifico senese (Centre for the preservation of the Sienese ancient scientific heritage) and the Museo Galileo.

The project started up in 2016 and is aimed at online publishing the iconographic resources related to Sienese scientific collections. In the first phase, these digital resources have been made accessible on the intranet, which is a basic stage towards availability on the Web. It is currently possible to access a selection from the scientific instrument photographic archive.

University of Siena collection of medical scientific instruments

University of Siena: Instruments for anesthesiology
University of Siena: Instruments for psychology
University of Siena: Ophthalmic instruments
University of Siena: Ophthalmic and other instruments (Frezzotti photographic collection)
University of Siena: Surgical pathology instruments
University of Siena: 18th/19th-century medical instruments