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A renewal for the journal

Beginning with its 11th issue (2014), ten years after its birth, Galilæana is undergoing a renewal, broadening its scope to embrace many more aspects and issues pertaining to the development of scientific ideas.
The original subtitle (Journal of Galilean Studies) has been replaced by a new one - Studies in Renaissance and Early Modern Science - that marks the editors' intention to address themes extending well beyond those directly connected with Galileo, themes of essential importance to appreciate the cultural backgound of Europe in the early modern age.

Alongside this receptiveness to new scenarios of investigation, the journal will in the coming years assume an increasingly international profile through the publication of a larger proportion of its articles in English, the lingua franca of the scientific community. Papers in other languages (German, French, Spanish, Italian) will be accepted, but contributors will be encouraged to submit their work in English in order to ensure that they reach the widest possible readership.