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A new digital exhibition by Museo Galileo on the Google Cultural Institute

The section dedicated to Museo Galileo on the Google Cultural Institute has now been enriched with a new digital exhibition Galileo and Space Exploration, curated by Sara Bonechi. The exhibition, which is available both in Italian and English, is a compendium of the observations and celestial discoveries made by the Tuscan scientist.

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Galileo and Space Exploration is part of an international project on space exploration, which is conceived by Google and which also involves the following institutions: the Museum of Fine Arts (Huston, USA), the Columbia Memorial Space Center (Downey, USA), the Research & Development Production Enterprise Zvezda (Russia), the Museum of Cosmonautics (Moscow, Russia), and the Tsiolkovsky State Museum of the History of Cosmonautics (Kaluga, Russia).

Since July 2013 the collections of Museo Galileo have been made available online on the Google Cultural Institute with three digital galleries related to the Medici Collections, Lorraine Collections and Library Collections.

Since February 2015, Google Street View allows a virtual tour of the halls hosting the permanent collection and the museum’s library.