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The second volume of the Updated Supplement to the National Edition of Galilei’s Works –which was completed by Antonio Favaro in 1909– has been published: Carteggio (Correspondence), edited by M. Camerota and P. Ruffo, in collaboration with M. Bucciantini (Florence, Giunti, 2015, 664 pp.). The Carteggio features letters which were published after Favaro’s National Edition had been completed, over 100 years ago. It includes unpublished letters discovered through the systematic exploration of archives and libraries carried out as part of this project. The 588 letters collected in this volume supplement the correspondence edited by Favaro and make it possible to fill in significant gaps.

The first volume of the Updated Supplement, Iconografia galileiana (Galilaean Iconography) by Federico Tognoni (Florence, Giunti, 2013, 608 pp. + 16 pp. of colour plates), was published in 2013. The book features the most complete collection of images related to the Tuscan scientist ever published, including portraits, commemorative medallions, miniatures, and sculptures, which span across four centuries. The 335 entries outline the story of each work of art and offer information about materials and techniques as well as a detailed bibliography.

The updating project includes two more volumes. The next one will present Galileo’s writings which were not included in Favaro’s National Edition, while the last volume will collect documents related to the life and work of the Tuscan scientist which came out after the National Edition had been completed.