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Festa della Toscana 2014

Peter Leopold’s Tuscany: Research and Studies
Round Table (in Italian)

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Museo di Antropologia, Room of the Caminetto, Via del Proconsolo 12, Florence
The subject will be presented by introducing two recent graduation thesis at the University of Florence and by a speech delivered by prof. Renato Pasta, professor at the University of Florence.

A Walk with the Grand Duke, philosopher between “Science” and “Good Management”
Guided visits (in Italian) and animated talks conducted (in Italian) by museum educators in epoch costumes

Domenica 30 novembre 2014

• Archivio Storico del Comune di Firenze, via dell’Oriuolo 33, Florence
• Museo Galileo, piazza dei Giudici 1, Florence
• Museo La Specola, via Romana 17, Florence

The walk’s itinerary includes all the institutions above mentioned. It is possible however to participate only in a part of the itinerary.
Museo Galileo will display the “Giornali dei visitatori” (“Museum’s Guestbook”) of the Royal and Imperial Museum of Physics and Natural History of Florence, founded in 1775 by Peter Leopold of Lorraine.

A special reduced fee is reserved for visitors of both museums; free entrance at the Archivio Storico.
Reservation is required, starting from Monday, November 24; 0039 055 2756444;This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Visitors will receive the following as a gift:
• A copy of the Edict of the Grand Duke for the reform of criminal law, containing the declaration of the “abolition of death penalty”, dated November 30, 1786.
• A copy of the first sheet of the Edict, dated November 20, 1781, establishing the new Community of Florence;
• Flyer of the Royal and Imperial Museum of Physics and Natural History of Florence and a copy of an antique entrance ticket to the museum.

A special thanks to the Rubelli Company for the kind permission to use the costumes and to the Bottega Filistrucchi for the wigs.
A special thanks to Elisa Fontanelli who collaborated for this event during her internship at Museo Galileo.