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Strategies and policies for science communication

Saturday 11 May 2013
Palazzo Vecchio, Salone dei Dugento, Firenze

The workshop, organized in the framework of the European project PLACES, brings together a group of persons working in the field of science popularization. We will present a series of experiments and studies on the current situation and prospects of development of science popularization. Will also describe the project PLACES which groups 69 European cities and aims to develop an ongoing dialogue between science communicators and political stimulating the creation of a Local Action Plan that will optimize the resources available to the disclosure of all scientific issues, even the most controversial.


Welcome address
Cristina Giachi, Assessore all'Educazione, Fondi Europei, Università, Ricerca, Politiche Giovanili, Pari Opportunità del Comune di Firenze

Opening remarks
Laura Longo, Comune di Firenze

Giovanna Pacini, Associazione Caffè Scienza
"I caffè-scienza: partecipazione attiva nella comunicazione della scienza"

• Leonardo Alfonsi, Eusea (European Science Events Association)
• Enrica Battifoglia, Agenzia ANSA
• Giovanni Caprara, Corriere della Sera
• Marco Ferrari, Focus
• Antonio Gomes da Costa, ECSITE (The European Network of Science Centres and Museums), PLACES coordinator

The workshop is held in the framework of the Festival d’Europa 2013