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Book Launching

Saturday, February 11, at 4.30pm
Museo Galileo - Bookshop

Bernardino Fantini


Bernardino Fantini, professor of history of medicine and health at the University of Geneva, has prefaced the book by Giovanni Berlinguer titled "Storia della salute. Da privilegio a diritto” (History of Health – From Privilege to Right) and published by Giunti Editore. The book stems from a collation of short writings in which Giovanni Berlinguer, committed to bioethics and health policy in Italy and around the world, collected remarks and ideas, recording facts and references from his extensive studies and readings. A mosaic of information and thoughts that allows us to investigate an issue that affects everyone: the links between medicine and society, between advances in science and ethical limits. The topics covered emphasize the development of modern disciplines – medicine above all - and is closely related to social, economic and collective consciousness.
The meeting is the first of various events that will be organized thanks to the collaboration between the long-lived scientific section of Giunti Editore, and Museo Galileo, which represents, after its recent renovation, the ideal place where both specialized audience and the general public can find stimuli, suggestions and information on the most exciting aspects of modern science.