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Book Launching “La fisica in casa”

Saturday, March 24, at 3.30pm
Museo Galileo – Bookshop

Emiliano Ricci


How does the microwave work? Why does honey roll upon itself? How does a pressure cooker work? Our kitchen is a real physics lab, where mechanics, thermodynamics, electromagnetism and modern physics meet every day and where even the simplest of our actions, are a physics experiment. Do not miss the event that allows anyone, even those who know nothing about science to discover the world around us with a new set of eyes. Emiliano Ricci, author of “La fisica in casa” (Giunti Editore), will speak about all this and more. He will also demonstrate real experiments to the audience in a journey through ingenious discoveries and unexpected phenomena.

Emiliano Ricci holds a degree in Physics with an emphasis in Astrophysics and a PhD in Telematics and Information Society at the University of Florence. He is also the Web Editor for the Regione Toscana. He is journalist and science writer and he has to his credit many popular traditional and multimedia publications, including “La fisica in casa”, “Osservare il cielo”, “Atlante di fisica” (Giunti Editore), “Sex and the Physics”, with Monica Marelli (Rizzoli Editore), and “I viaggi dell'Orsa Maggiore” (Scienza Express). Since March 2012 he has been an adjunct professor of “Theory and Techniques of New Media” at the University of Florence.