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You can download the pdf of the section devoted to the publication of original documents published in the 27/2012 issue of Nuncius:

  1. Maria Grazia Grazzini, Discorso sopra la Chimica: The Paracelsian Philosophy of Antonio Neri


Discorso sopra la Chimica is an early seventeenth-century manuscript on alchemy written by the Florentine priest Antonio Neri, best known as the author of the first published treatise on glassmaking – L’Arte Vetraria (1612) – which was widely read for centuries.
The Discorso shows a different face of Neri, that of the alchemist with a profound knowledge of Paraselsian doctrine, dedicated to the transmutation of metals, and an advocate of iatrochemistry.

On the occasion of the 600th anniversary of the publication of L'arte Vetraria we offer a selection of fundamental works on the history of glass available in our digital library: