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The 2011 European Museum Academy Prize to Museo Galileo

On April 9th 2011, at the DASA Working World Exhibition (Deutsche Arbeitsschutzausstellung) in Dortmund, the international panel of judges awarded Museo Galileo with the 2011 European Museum Academy Award, a prestigious prize instituted for the first time by the European Museum Academy.

It is reserved for an European science museum either newly founded or recently renovated that has achieved outstanding results with respect to the quality of presentation and display, as well as to its communication strategies aimed at reaching a vast audience.

Here is the official evaluation of the international panel of judges:

Museo Galileo has a unique collection of famous historical scientific objects shown in a very elegant, aesthetic display, which emphasises the quality of the objects and underlines the attentively balanced integration between traditional display techniques and multimedia specifically addressed to individual users.

The 2011 European Museum Academy Prize is the third award won by Museo Galileo since its re-opening in June 2010. In November 2010 it was awarded the ICOM prize in the category of "Best Management", while in December 2010 Museo Galileo won First Prize in the Great Exhibitions Competition of the British Society of the History of Science.