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On November 4, at 4 p.m., the Museo Galileo will host the launch of the book Linear Perspective in the Age of Galileo. Ludovico Cigoli’s Prospettiva pratica by Filippo Camerota. It is the first volume of a new series published by Leo S. Olschki and entitled "Biblioteca di Galilaeana".

Cristina Acidini, Massimo Bucciantini and Miles Chappell will participate in the panel.


Ludovico Cigoli’s Prospettiva Pratica (Practical Perspective) is both a work of artistic literature and a remarkable scientific document about the role attributed to the representation of the visible world within the scope of Galilean research. Composed by one of the painters closest to Galileo during the period of great astronomical discoveries (1610 -1613), the treatise illustrates several themes crucial to perspective drawing, from orthogonal projections to shadow projection, from theatrical scenes to the use of mechanical instruments.