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La biblioteca di LeonardoLa biblioteca di Leonardo has just been published by Giunti. The volume is edited by Carlo Vecce, one of the most internationally renowned scholars of the Universal Genius, and reconstructs, on the basis of an in-depth study of Leonardo’s manuscripts, the extraordinary library (over 200 works) that he formed during his lifetime.

Thanks to the collaboration of experts from various disciplinary fields, this impressive work (552 pp.) provides valuable information on the progressive stages that led Leonardo to collect an outstanding set of printed and handwritten resources, with which he had a constant dialogue.

For the first time, scholars of the Vinci Genius have an exhaustive repository at their disposal from which they can draw reliable information on Leonardo’s sources.

This volume has been produced thanks to a grant of the Ministry of University and Research in the framework of the FISR research project, “Science, History, Society in Italy. From Leonardo to Galileo to the “Houses” of Innovation”.